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Once upon a time, in a lush forest in the heart of Africa, there lived a mischievous little monkey named Bongo. Bongo was a curious creature who loved to explore his surroundings and play tricks on the other animals in the forest.

One day, while Bongo was swinging from tree to tree, he spotted a strange creature on the ground. It was a small, furry creature with sharp teeth and a long tail. Bongo had never seen anything like it before and decided to investigate.

As Bongo got closer, the creature suddenly lunged at him and bit him on the arm. Bongo let out a loud shriek and quickly scampered away. He could feel a sharp pain in his arm, and it began to swell.

Bongo knew he needed help, so he made his way to the nearby village of humans. The humans were kind and helpful and immediately took Bongo to their doctor, who cleaned and treated his wound.

Bongo was grateful for the humans’ help but also felt embarrassed that he had been bitten by such a small creature. He decided to keep his encounter a secret and headed back to the forest.

Days turned into weeks, and Bongo’s wound began to heal. However, he started to notice some strange changes in his behavior. He felt more irritable and aggressive than usual, and his thoughts were clouded.

As it turns out, the creature that had bitten Bongo was a venomous work, and the venom had affected his brain. Bongo’s behavior became increasingly erratic, and he started to lash out at the other animals in the forest.

Bongo’s friends didn’t understand what was happening to him and tried to avoid him. He became more and more isolated until one day, he was completely alone.

Eventually, Bongo’s behavior returned to normal, and he realized the error of his ways. He sought forgiveness from his friends and promised never to let his curiosity get the best of him again.

From then on, Bongo was careful to avoid any strange creatures he encountered in the forest, and he lived happily with his friends, never forgetting the valuable lesson he had learned

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