The 7 Best Medical Universities in Germany

World over, Germany is renowned for its excellence in medicine which dates back to the days of the mediaeval scientists and physicians. This makes Germany one of the best medical schools today. German medical schools offer students with high –quality education and at the same time prepare them for a successful medical career that is ahead of them. 

International students have made Germany a great choice for studying medicine due to a number of reasons. One of the top reasons for this is the fact that German schools offer an array of internationally recognized and accredited programs of study. In addition, German medical schools are known for charging way less than other top ranking instructions around the world. 

More to that, Germany proudly houses one of the world’s leading research hospitals and medical centers, giving students an ample opportunity to get an excellent hands-on experience. Therefore, if your intention is to study medicine at any German university, then this article will guide you on everything you need to know on the application process and the tuition costs. Then we will finish it up by looking at the 7 best medical universities in Germany. 

What is the Application Process for German Medical Universities?

The application process for German medical school is very competitive. Here are the steps you will need to follow to apply to study medicine in Germany.

If you are planning to study medicine in Germany, you will have to go through a very competitive application process. Here are the steps that you need to take:

  • Make your you have good high school grades
  • Attend a German language course
  • Pass the German language test for university admission (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang, DSH)
  • Take the entrance examination (Abiturzeugnis)
  • Apply to medical schools
  • Attend an interview

Germany Medical Universities

We have gathered the list of top 7 medical universities in Germany, so you don’t need to go any further. For those who are looking for a reputable institution to study medicine, you are reading the right article. Also, if your own is just a curiosity, then you are also welcome. 

Here are the 7 best medical universities in Germany: 

University of Heidelberg

Founded in the year 1386, the University of Heidelberg is one of the oldest and most prestigious German universities. It is located in what is known as the most beautiful city in Germany, Heidelberg. The university has graduated many alumni who have won numerous awards of excellence in medicine. Alumni boast of 12 Nobel Prizes. 

There are various medical degree programs offered by this university. They include medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. Additionally, the university has a keen focus on research and has one of the best cutting-edge treatment facilities. 

The cost of tuition depends on the particular program applied for, but this is low when compared to other top ranking universities in the world. 

University of Münster

This university is popular especially among international students. Located in the city of Muster, the university was founded in the year 1970. Munster is known for how lively the student scene is. When talking about one of the best medical universities in Europe, Munster is one among many.

There is a wide range of courses that the University of Munster offers, which include courses in the fields of medical and health sciences. As mentioned earlier, the university has built a strong reputation especially among international students as students from all over the world come to the university for their study purposes. 

The University of Frankfurt am Main

Another prestigious medical University in Germany is the University of Frankfurt am Main. Founded in 1914, the university is located in Frankfurt, a major financial and business hub.

It is well known as Germany’s research institution and is one of Germany’s leading medical research institutions till date. 

The courses offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels include medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, health sciences and other related courses. The Max Planck Institute for Brain Research and the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies are two notable research institutions the university boasts of. 

Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin was founded in 1948 and is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The university focuses on research while offering a wide range of degree programs in various fields. 

Some popular courses you can study at the Free University of Berlin include business, economics, law, medicine, and political science. The university houses over 32,000 students, hence being one of the largest in Germany. Due to its long history of academic excellence, the university is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. 

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

The Ludwig Maximilian University is located in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. It was founded in 1472 and is among the largest and most prestigious universities Germany has to offer. 

The university is one of the leading institutions in Germany as far as the study of medicine is concerned. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is not only a prestigious university in Germany, but in Europe entirely. 

The main focus of the university is on research and teaching and houses some of the leading experts in the world of medicine. Currently, the university enrolls more than 7,000 students. 

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

This is one of the technical and leading research universities in Germany. It is located in Germany’s capital city, Berlin, and has been operating since 1879. For those who are interested in attending one of the world’s most renowned medical institutions, then the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin is just for you. 

There are over 100 different degree programs offered by the university. Here, students are presented with the best opportunity to tailor their studies to a particular field of interest. 

University of Hamburg

Founded in the year 1919, the University of Hamburg is one of the prestigious and leading medical universities in the country. It is located in Hamburg, a major business and financial hub. Hamburg is also Germany’s second largest city. 

The University of Hamburg offers a range of programs such as traditional medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine.  This is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy cutting-edge facilities as well as reputable faculty. 


The list provided in this article is not an exhaustive list of medical schools there is in Germany. However, these are the top 7 picks of best universities you can study medicine at in Germany.

Actually, you may not necessarily need to go further, but you have the choice of researching for more institutions that offer medicine in Germany. 


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