Are you thinking of becoming a Canadian citizen? If you are thinking in that direction, then you will need to get some information on some the many benefits of being a Canadian citizen.  

Facts about Canadian Citizenship

Around the world, Canada is one of the countries with the most versatile and valuable citizenship packages. There are so many incredible benefits you can get for being a Canadian citizen. Some of these benefits would include free travel to over 190 countries and destinations across the globe, protection from unnecessary housing and employment discrimination, and support from the government of Canada when times are hard. 
Back I history, the idea about Canadian Citizenship can be dated back to 1867 with the establishment of the British North America act that gave rise to the Dominion of Canada. This act grants all new residents of the new country permanent citizenship. As at that that time, the citizenship was only open to men until 1949 when women were granted the full rights of citizenship. Today, Canadian citizenship is not gender-based as both males and females can be citizens of the country. 

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In addition, the citizenship of Canada is now also open to refugees who meet a certain requirements criteria laid down by the Canadian government. For a refugee to be eligible, the person must be one fleeing from adverse situations which may be related to racial, religious, national, or politically inclined. Upon your full reception as a refugee in Canada, you will be granted full citizenship within two years of acceptance. 

Factors to Consider When Applying for Canadian Citizenship

The following are some of the basic factors to consider when applying for Canadian citizenship.


You will be able to apply for Canadian citizenship if you are at least 18 years of age. Individuals who fall under the age of 18 would normally require a parent or a guardian to apply on their behalf. 

Place of Birth

Persons born in Canada automatically become Canadian citizens. In addition, individuals who are not born in Canada but have stayed in Canada for at least five years are eligible of becoming full citizens through residency, which is if they have a permanent resident card.

Your Nationality

Individuals born of non-Canadian parent who have now become citizens of Canada are eligible for citizenship as long as both parents meet the eligibility criteria. Note that is it not possible to become a Canadian citizen if either of your parents is not a citizen of Canada.

Your Immigration Status

Another way of becoming a Canadian citizen apart from being born in Canada or having either parents being Canadian citizens is by ancestry. In order to be eligible for citizenship by ancestry, you will need to meet the following requirements: 
  • Prove that one or both of your grandparents is a Canadian citizen while alive
  • Prove that you were physically present in Canada before January 1, 1947

Residency Status

You can become a citizen of Canada if you have resided in the country for at least five years out of ten. If you have stayed this long, then you can file an application for Canadian citizenship. You will also need to meet the requirements or justify reasons why you were not able to meet the requirements. 
For those who have been living outside Canada for more than 6 months in a 12-year consecutive period, your residency status will be under question mark and this may lead to your application being rejected. 

Naturalization history

Your application may be rejected based on the fact that you have applied before and the application did not succeed. In order for your application to be accepted, you will need to demonstrate eligibility and also fit in one of the designated categories approved for citizenship by naturalization as set out by the Canadian government. 

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Eligibility Requirements for Becoming A Canadian Citizen
In order to be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you must:
  • Be 18 or older
  • Have lived in Canada for at least two years while also  been physically present in Canada for at least six months in 12 consecutive months
  • Be able to speak, read, and write English or French
  • Possess a valid passport from your country of origin

Ways to Get Canadian Citizenship

By Birth in Canada: An automatic way of getting citizenship is when you are born in Canada. So, if you are a child born of Canadian parents, you are automatically a Canadian citizen.
By Naturalization: For those with permanent residency in Canada (due to work or study), you can apply for naturalization in order to become a citizen. This grants you the right to full citizenship which includes the right to vote and also run for public office. 
By Marriage to a Citizen: Being married to a Canadian citizen also grants you the right to citizenship. However, to keep your original citizenship, you will need to apply for naturalization.  
Through Parental Citizenship: When your parents become Canadian citizens, then you automatically become a citizen as well. In another case, parents not born in Canada but who meet certain requirements (such as having resided in the country for three years before giving birth to a child) make the child to be eligible for citizenship at birth. 

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

There are so many benefits can that be derived from Canadian citizenship. Below are some of the most important benefits you enjoy for being a Canadian citizen. 
Medicare: Medicare is of the governments run healthcare systems. As a citizen of Canadian, you will enjoy the medical benefits offered by Medicare. 
Employment Insurance: You are eligible for employment insurance which provides you financial assistance in case you lose your job. 
Canada Pension Plan (CPP): Canadian citizens who have been employed for at least 10 years are automatically enrolled in the CPP. The plan is meant to provide retirement income or income when you become disabled.
Student Loans: You may be eligible for student loans as a student studying in Canada. The loans will help cover cost of tuition, textbooks, and other fees.
Protected Freedoms: There are several fundamental rights that you will enjoy as a Canadian citizen. Some of these rights include freedom of speech, expression, religion and assembly. Also, you will be protected from unnecessary and illegal arrests as well as granted the right to vote in national elections. 
Stable Government: This is one of the main benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen. The country offers a stable government for its residents, thereby living their lives with less worries to threats and political changes. 
Access to Social Programs and Services: There are wide range o government social programs and services that you will have access to as a Canadian citizen. Some of these include healthcare, education, and welfare. These programs are free and highly subsidized by the government. This makes life affordable for Canadian citizens. 
As a citizen of Canada, you have access to a wide range of social programs and services such as healthcare, education, and welfare. These programs are free or highly subsidized by the government, making them extremely affordable for Canadians.

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Whether big or small, becoming a Canadian citizen has many benefits. Most importantly, as a citizen of any country, you will need your rights to be legally protected. In addition, every citizen needs an affordable healthcare delivery system.
If you feel that Canada is the country for you, please check the eligibility criteria and know whether you stand the chance of becoming a Canadian citizen. 
We wish you all the best. 


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