What to do After MBBS: 10 Best Jobs for MBBS Graduates

Are you currently studying for an MBBS or interested in pursuing your MBBS but are skeptical about the job prospects? Worry no more because this article will guide you through all you need to know concerning your post MBA life and career. 

Most people get pressured after completing the MBBS while looking for a permanent job. Of course, every person wants to enhance their family life and that is one of the reasons they opt in for higher degrees like the MBBS. 

But you need top first ask yourself, what if you don’t have the required skills and experience? Not having the skills and experience needed may leave you with no option that working and waiting for someone to be laid off so that you strike in your application. However, there are many places you can work as long as you have completed your degree. 

What is the Process of Getting a Job after MBBS?

While there is no laid down process or strategy for getting a job after your MBBS degree, there can be laid down steps you will follow to make the journey easier for you. 

So, we recommend that you go through the routine discussed in the sections below. 

Research your Options

Technology has made it easy for people to do their research from the palm of their hands. One way you can find a job after MBBS is to conduct research. You can use an array of resources from online job websites to social media platforms. With little experience or connections in the medical field, these channels can simplify your job hunt. 

Network with others

It is always a good idea to network and connect with fellows working in similar fields with yours. Somebody from your network would be glad to help you locate potential employers who may be in need of your expertise and qualification. 

In addition, you can make out time to attend career fairs in order to expand your network and widen your opportunity horizon. 

Check out Online Job Postings

There are so many online platforms that give daily updates of job postings. These channels can be a wonderful resource for you to start with. As a good practice, always try and narrow down your search and refine the kinds of jobs that interest you the more. 

Get Involved in Volunteer Work

A lot of organizations today consider people who have worked with them on volunteer basis whenever there is an opening for a permanent job. Apart from giving you an upper hand in terms of employment, volunteering will also enhance your hands-on experience. Many charity organizations are looking for volunteers and it’ll be to your best interest to sign up for any that comes your way. 

Consider Pursuing Graduate Programs

Graduate programs often open your way to more better and lucrative job opportunities. If you are done with your MBBS and no job is forth coming yet, consider taking up a graduate program or certification programs to enhance your skills further. This will give you extra chances for a new career even.  

Guide to Securing a Job after Completing your MBBS Degree

Speak with Employers

The best way to secure a good job after your MBBS degree is to speak with prospective employers. This is where networking comes into play. You need to talk to professionals, hinting them on your skills and finding out how they can help you secure a job. If it happens that you have to contacts within your industry, consider registering with professional organization and going for career fairs. 

Check Online Resources

The internet can be a good resource where you can find out about prospective employers. There are various openings that show up on the internet daily, take advantage of that because it might be your lucky shot. Alternatively, you can make use of search engines such as Google while looking for specific jobs or companies of your choice. 

Attend Job Fairs

Career fairs can also be a good point where for those looking for a new job. By attending such fairs, you will be able to meet with some prospective employers face-to-face. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to review different qualifications and also have enough time to discuss your qualifications in detail. 

Use Word of Mouth

Sometimes word of mouth might just be the channel that works for you. Take advantage of your friends, family members, professional colleagues and acquaintances. 

10 Best Jobs for MBBS Graduates

Here are the top 10 jobs for MBBS graduates that you will find very helpful. 


Hospitalists are those people that work as part of the medical staff in a hospital. They are responsible for ensuring that patients receive high-quality care and also ensure that operations are run smoothly in the hospital. In some cases, hospitalists are involved in clinical decision making as well as coordination of patient care. 

Clinical associate

A clinical associate’s work arena is within a doctor’s office or hospital setting. What they do is basically providing direct patient care and support services, somewhat next to the duties of a clerk or data entry personnel. With time and training, clinical associates may be licensed to become physicians (MDs). 

Medical assistant

Medical assistants help doctors diagnose and treat patients by performing tasks such as taking vitals (measuring vital signs), preparing patients for surgery, and providing instructions on medication use. In addition to working in primary care settings, medical assistants may also work in emergency rooms or clinics.

Medical Doctor

Medical doctors are always short in supply, and hence this is one of the best jobs to go for as an MBBS graduate. Medical doctors basically work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. They are involved in treating as well as diagnosing patients with the use of medical procedures and treatments. 


A radiologist is in charge of examining the internal and external bodies of patients using X-rays, MRI scans and other imaging techniques. They also aid in diagnosing disease and injuries, and also report any information about a patients’ condition to doctors and other health professionals. 


It is the work of the cardiologists to treat diseases like heart disease and others like hypertension and coronary artery disease. They are in charge of prescribing medication to patients, monitoring their progress and performing surgery as required. 


OB/GYNs are professionals responsible for giving intensive care for women during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-delivery care. They are also responsible helping women prevent certain diseases and ailments including contraception advice and screenings for cancerous tumors.


These are professionals (doctors) saddled with the responsibility to diagnose and treat ailments associated with the nervous system. Some of the notable nervous system defects include Parkinson’s diseases, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Typically, a neurologist receives $270,000 to $350,000 annually. 

Internal Medicine Physician

The work of an internal medicine physician is to diagnose and treat injuries associated with the body’s internal organs. The associated pay for these physicians can range from $200,000 to $300,000 annually. 

Medical Secretary/Administrator

A medical secretary or administrator manage patient files, schedule appointments, record inventory, and handle other official duties in hospital offices. They are available in clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities. The job also pays very well.


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